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Medical insurance of foreigners in Russia online

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Standart 30 000
Standart+ 35 000
VIP 40 000

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When you need a insurance in Russia

Russian visa

To apply for a Russian visa you need an insurance policy recognized in Russia. You can arrange your insurance efficiently with us online!

Visa-free entry

Citizens of some countries, as well as during important sports events, can enter Russia without a visa, but you must have medical insurance.

Medical travel insurance for Russia


Insurance should cover the cost of treatment in Russia 30 000 . Can be extended to 35 000 or 40 000


Costs for transportation of the insured to or from medical institutions.


24/7 access to advisory assistance.


Risks of getting injured or death of the insured, as a result of an accident in Russia.


Measures for the search and rescue of a person, carried out by emergency services in Russia.

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